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First and foremost, we wanted to take a moment to connect with you as we are truly honored that you have chosen to work with us for your upcoming event. We understand that you are likely feeling uncertain about the news surrounding COVID-19 and some of the social and community concerns surrounding that news. You may be getting questions from your guests regarding the virus and attempts to mitigate it may or may not impact your event. We are here for you as a trusted partner and an advocate as we navigate this uncertainty and ever-evolving situation together.

Currently, in California, where your event is set to take place, most County Health Orders allow for the following gatherings:

  • 100 person wedding ceremonies (no receptions).

  • No socializing before or after.

  • No food service.

  • Up to two hours.

  • Masks required.

  • 6FT social distancing required.

If you are considering moving forward with your event, despite the County Health Order, there are at least three factors that many businesses are having to consider when approaching a potentially unlawful event (where it would be against a government mandate or health order):

  • The business and their employees may not be covered by their liability insurance during an unlawful event. This would mean that an employee could get injured or cause damage to the property and they would be held liable for costs the business may not be able to afford.

  • The Governor put together licensing task forces for the ABC, Department of Industrial Relations & Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Just this past Holiday (4th of July) weekend, ABC did almost 6k in person visits to bars and restaurants and Dept of Industrial Relations & Division of Occupational Safety and Health did over 441k contacts via in person visits, phone and email. These businesses would be at risk of losing their business, catering or alcohol licenses/permits to work future events or could be subject to large fines or misdemeanors on their record.

  • There is a large liability for the businesses is potentially exposing their employees, as California has also made an Executive Order that establishes a rebuttable presumption that any worker infected with COVID19 contracted the virus on the job. This is especially risky if surrounding guests are not following state mandated health orders like wearing masks, as it would be difficult to legally prove otherwise.

These reasons all seem like they might not be as risky for a private event, but the problem is, that ANY employee for any business (even if the owner is on board) or any guest (even those who decided not to come) could report the event at the venue and have it shut down. Many employees are resentful about having to go back to work in a situation where they may not feel safe or otherwise get cut off from unemployment and in turn, will report it. 

Our contract protects us from proceeding with illegal activities and we do so to protect you, our clients. It would be terrible if we did something with a previous client that would prevent us from executing your event, so we're always looking ahead to make sure we can take care of all of our clients as safely as possible.

We are a part of an advocacy group, the California Events Coalition and are attempting to have active conversations with legislators to create safe Guidelines to allow us to have live events like weddings and small gatherings sooner than later. 


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